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Ray hagins prayer

We are all spiritual beings having a material experience. We are so much more than the terrible things that happen to us and so much more than what the systems of oppression, the oppressors and society tell us and reinforce about us.

Reminding ourselves of our power, worthiness and our divinity can fortify us and the collective. I give praise to the universe I give praise to mother earth I give praise to all of nature and its beings I give praise to all my guiding spirits I give praise to my ancestors I give praise to all that came before me in this struggle I give praise to my elders I give praise to all those who have cared for me, protected me, guided me and loved me I give praise to….

I thank you for allowing me to wake up this morning I thank you for my breath I thank you for my body I thank you for my journey I thank you for those who brought me into the world I thank you that all basic necessities are met on a daily basis— sunlight, water, the food on my table, the clothing on my back, my home, my mobility, my job…. I thank you for my family you can name one by one if you wish I thank you for my community you can name then one by one if you wish I thank you for my comrades you can name them one by one if you wish I thank you for my elders you can name them one by one if you wish I thank you for….

Forgive us for the harm we do onto you you can name the earth, the water, other beings, nature overall Forgive me for the harm I do to myself Forgive us for the harm we do to one another. Protect me us from death Protect me us from sickness Protect me us from litigation Protect me us from loss Protect me from the hands of …. I pray that for long life, good physical, spiritual and mental health I pray for a cool head and coolness in the world I pray for fortitude I pray for resiliency I pray for clarity I pray for courage I pray for a self-love.

Libations are an age-old practice by many indigenous peoples across the globe. Libations can be done before a ritual or conversation, whether at a protest or in your home, your office, a meeting, or other spaces that may be part of your daily life or community space or events. Water is life, we are water and our world is water. We must maintain our own coolness to think clearly, calmly and strategically and for our own wellbeing, that of the collective, and that of mother earth.

Use a small bowl and put half a cup of water in it. Repeat while you chant each one of the phrases that follow. May mother earth be cool May our guiding spirits be cool May our ancestors be cool May my our heads be cool. May conversations be cool My the day be cool May our movement be cool May my our comrades be cool May those who want to harm me be cool May this day be cool May…… add any other thing, situation, event, etc you want to bring coolness to.

Francisca Porchas has organized in working class communities of color and immigrant communities for 15 years. She is committed to building transformative organizing and movement building strategies that incorporate healing, culture, and ancestral practices for collective liberation.

Morning prayers to the universe, your ancestors, your guiding spirits.Louis, Missouri.

ray hagins prayer

Ray Hagins a. Every member should study it carefully, refer to it often, and seek to live by it. It clearly outlines the obligations of membership. We also engage to maintain personal and family devotions; to properly educate our children; to encourage the salvation liberation of our kindred and acquaintances; to walk cautiously in the world; to be just in our dealings with others; faithful in our engagements, and exemplary in our deportment; to avoid all idle gossip, backbiting, and excessive anger; to abstain from illegal and unrighteous activities; and to be zealous in our efforts to advance the rebuilding and continuity of Afrikan people.

We further engage to watch over and protect one another; to remember each other in prayer daily; to aid each other in sickness and distress; to cultivate sincere empathy and courtesy in speech; to be slow to take offense, but always ready for reconciliation; and to be mindful of the teachings in our daily living and to appropriate them without delay. We moreover engage that when we remove from this place, that, as soon as possible, we will unite with another fellowship, where we can carry out the spirit of this covenant and the principles of Maat as taught in the Medu Neter the Word of God.

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The Aware Negro

Remember Me. Log in. Question 1: Who are we? Joomla Template by JoomlaWritten by our Chief Elder, Dr. O Ancestors! Blacker than a thousand midnights… Afrikan Ancestors! It is to YOU that we, your children, give respect and honor. Let your presence fill this place. Who have been purposely excluded from the history books, so that the world would not know of your greatness…. We thank you for devoting your life to make a future for us, your children, grand children, and great grandchildren.

ray hagins prayer

Now, stand with us; strengthen us; guide us; teach us, and protect us from the snare of our enemies! Rise up, O Afrikan Ancestors, and let our enemies be scattered! And give us the wisdom and the boldness to deal with our oppressors and those who would hinder the liberation and empowerment of our people.

Rise up, O Afrikan Ancestors, and live in us. And we will not fail to honor you; We will not fail to respect you; We will not fail to hear you, And we will NOT betray you. All Rights Reserved. Design by Affluent Concepts Web Design. Remember Me. Log in. Oath To Our Ancestors. Who gave civilization to the world… Our Afrikan Ancestors!

Who gave the arts to the world… Our Afrikan Ancestors! Who gave music to the world… Our Afrikan Ancestors! Who gave the sciences to the world… Our Afrikan Ancestors! Who gave mathematics to the world… Our Afrikan Ancestors! Who gave medicine to the world… Our Afrikan Ancestors! Who gave literature to the world… Our Afrikan Ancestors!

Who gave philosophy to the world… Our Afrikan Ancestors! Joomla Template by JoomlaRay Hagins. Choose from 3 available packages. Listen to Dr. Listen Now!! The growth of this ministry has been phenomenal and it is continuously growing each week.

All praise be to God, Who, alone is worthy of our praise. One of the things that I am most excited about is the conscious awareness that our members have about the need to rescue our people from the Satanic assignment placed upon them to be mislead, dysfunctional and unproductive.

God has blessed us to be focused on reaching our people with the message of Afrikan liberation, and not on carrying out a program of religious mentacide, brainwashing or indoctrination as prescribed by the powers that be. God has evidently set a divine approval upon our ministry; therefore, as we stay focused on our mission, the lives of thousands of people will be transformed and enhanced through this ministry. All Rights Reserved.

ray hagins prayer

Design by Affluent Concepts Web Design. On-Demand Video Subscriptions. New Members. Black Liberation Radio. Donate to The Afrikan Village:. Remember Me. Log in. Joomla Template by JoomlaToday I will rest in Your unlimited power and claim Your divine protection for my family, my finances, my home, my spirit, soul and body. I surrender myself completely in every area of my life to You. I resist all the workings of the enemy, that would hinder me and my family from best serving You.

I claim the power of Maat for my family, my home, my finances, my spirit, soul and body. Because of my trust in You, I declare that I am blessed, and any and all negative activity that I may encounter is subject to Your omnipotent will and purpose in my life. Furthermore, in my own life today, by the power of Maat, I resist any strongholds that have been formed against me and my family.

I resist any strongholds against my mind. Instead, I surrender my mind to You, and I affirm that You have not given me the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Therefore, I resist the spirit of fear, and I refuse to fear I refuse to doubt I refuse to worry because I have power over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt me.

Greater is the power of Maat in me, than the negative energies that are in the world. I claim complete and absolute victory over isfet, the forces of darkness, and I pronounce peace, joy, and prosperity upon every member of my family.

Almighty One, I resist any strongholds formed against my emotions today and I give my emotions to You. I resist any strongholds formed against my body today and I give my body to You.

Morning prayers to the universe, your ancestors, your guiding spirits

I realize that my body is a temple for Maat, therefore I yield myself completely to You that You would have Your way in my life today.

Almighty One, I surrender my life and my possessions to You. I refuse to worry or be discouraged today. By the power of Maat, today I will not hate, envy or show disrespect or any bitterness toward my brothers and sisters. Almighty One, open my eyes and show me the areas of my life that do not please You, and give me the strength, grace and wisdom to remove any activity that would prevent a perfect fellowship with You.

Work in me to cleanse me from anything that would give my enemies a foothold against me. With thanksgiving, I pray this prayer in the name of the One Whose names are hidden, and I welcome all the power of Maat and of our Ancestors in my life today. All Rights Reserved. Design by Affluent Concepts Web Design. Remember Me. Log in. A Prayer to Start Your Day. Joomla Template by JoomlaTeacher to the Gentiles in faith and verity.

Here we go we got another big fat dumb ass Niger talkin about some shit that he do not know of you better get your head out there Greek book boy then you got a nerve to have a sister up there read with you I guess you got her head all fucked up to huh the most high who do you talk about Zeus. Beautiful knowledge thank u sir for telling the full truth! Ray Hagins u are a agent for satan! Ray Hagins u owe this righteous man some money! Just 10 mins in to your boring presentation and it makes no sense.

Ray has awakened my spirit. Go and preach to your family members! He says things and don't break it down so you can understand what he's trying to say he jumps from one thing to another…not a good look if your following someones word. Dude I can go on and on about how much you are a big dummy the more I look at this the more I laugh at you big dummy. Why are you doing this why are you discredit king Dr. SMH, its common sense!!! Nero was killing those people as an order by the Pope at the time.

Because those people had the true Bible or word and since Roman Catholic Church stole our Wordrewrote our wordhistory…. They had to make there wordsthere history true … By living the lie.

Christus, is the last name turned nickname of Serapis Christus. People believed in him and he was the one crucified and was killed by Roman Catholic Church via pilot as a sacrifice and their blood covered those people Israel so that they didn't have to kill all of the black people the only killed the one dude. That story of pilot is from the book of Maccabees or the Apocrypha. And they the Roman Catholic Church Bishop's plagiarize that information those scriptures from the apocrypha.

Please do ur research. Religion, Christians, nor church as words was never written in the Bible ….While I was conducting a revival in Rockwall, Texas, during the latter part of August and the first part of September, I called the people around the altar for prayer at 10 PM, September 2.

As I was praying the Spirit of the Lord came upon me in a wonderful way, and I began to pray in other tongues. This crown is for every one of my children. They put it off, and souls are lost because they will not obey me.

Prayer for America & the Elections #6 - Pastor Lynne Hammond & Ray Kelly

We did not go into the City, but beheld it at close range. How beautiful and indescribable it was. Share your hope with them invite them to come with you. I then prayed through and You saved me. I saw what seemed to be human bodies wrapped in flames. Then He brought me back to earth and as He stood by my side, He talked to me about my ministry and told me some things in general that He later explained in detail in another vision. Jesus disappeared and I realized I was still kneeling on the platform.

I heard people crying and praying around me. About that time, the Holy Spirit came upon me again and I fell flat on face on the platform. As I lay under the power, I saw a horseman riding at full speed toward me.

ray hagins prayer

He held a scroll of paper high in his left hand. I was not conscious of my earthly surroundings, but seemingly was my in space somewhere. I saw thousands and thousands of men in uniform marching to war. I saw many women, old, white haired, middle aged and even young women with babies in their arms bowed together in sorrow and weeping profusely. I saw the skyline of a large city and when I looked again the skyscrapers were burned out hulls, the city in ruins There was written that not just one city would be thus destroyed, but many.

All of the Gifts of the Spirit will be in operation in the last days and the Church will do greater things than even the early Church did, and have greater power, signs and wonders than were written in the Acts of the Apostles. He said we had seen and experienced many healings, but would now behold amazing miracles such as had not been seen before.

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